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Wind and Solar powered CCTV remote controlled towers

These towers are self powerinng and can be remotely controlled from anywhere in the work and if an intruder gets on site you will be notified immediately and can give warnings via a mobile phone which will then be broadcast via the towers loudspeaker which can be heard for over a mile letting any intruder know they have been spotted and the Police are on the way. The towers can also be monitored at a control room and the equipment will work with any monitoring station using static IP log in.

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Our services

Remote Access and Monitoring

We are specialists in setting up remote access for CCTV viewing and two way communication via onsite microphone and loudspeakers using the latest technologies without the need for any telecommunications or broadband connections.

Maintenance and Repairs 24/7

We will come and repair and maintain any of our own equipment which has been sold or rented to any customer or third party customer. We will even repair equipment which is not made by our company.

Low Cost hire and sales options

We will hire out our towers from £1,500 per month and we will also sell them and prices start from £25,000.


This is an example of one of our towers for which we hold the intellectual property rights for.

You can see a 500W wind turbine on the top of the tower which can generate 50 amps of power maximum in 1 hour at full capacity.

Two infrared PTZ cameras are at the top of the tower and 4 static cameras with 50m infrared range are just above the two solar panels.

Two loudspeakers which can be heard at 1km distance have microphones underneath them to allow bi-directional communication with the location.

Two 3G and 4G antenna are just below the loud speakers.

Two solar panels are below the static cameras and are used as a back up power source for low wind conditions.